The King is Dead, Long Live the King

08 Aug 1848

The French people, who took to the streets bravely after the coup of Polignac, have achieved victory after the “three glorious days.” Prime Minister Polignac fled from the capital, while King Charles X was deposed. People are expecting from the new king to fulfill their legitimate demands.

Seven Suspects Arrested for Murder

27 Jun 1848

The violent clashes in the suburbs last night ended as a result of the military’s harsh interventions. During the clashes, General Brea was killed brutally by a group of rebels. Seven people suspected of killing the general were arrested in next morning.

The National Workshops Should be Closed

21 Jun 1848

People disappointed in the April elections are escalating tensions in Paris. There have been reports of barricades being reconstructed for several days in some worker neighborhoods. The rumors said that sending troops to the Capital would also start.

Prisoners will be Freed

15 Apr 1848

Following the elections held recently, the release of political prisoners, who sentenced after 1830, is debating. While some of the deputies opposed this possibility, news began to emerge that some prisoners have already been released.

Attempt of Insurrection in Paris

13 May 1839

In the evening before, a group of armed bandits attacked Hotel de Ville and took over the building. After the clashes that lasted all night and the next day, the soldiers who neutralized the bandits retook control of the building. The presence of foreign citizens among the attacking group is increasing suspicions of espionage.

Parisians Think They Don’t Earn Enough Money to Live On

14 Feb 1830

Parisian weaving mill owners complain about the cost of raw materials. Textile manufacturers, who hardly maintain their situation, claim that British goods are causing unfair competition. They also said that most weave workers don’t earn enough to feed their own families.